Angie's Lil Dumplins Reborn Doll Nursery

Angie's Lil Dumplins Nursery

 Athens, Georgia's finest life-like doll nursery

where life-like babies that have been

created from reborn doll kits are made!



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Meet the Artist

(The photo above was taken on my 50th birthday at the North Georgia Zoo!)

Hi, I'm Angie!

I was born 08/22/65 and I am a Georgia, USA resident.

I have been married since May 6, 1989

and am a proud Mom of 2 girls.

I am both a reborn artist and a collector of dolls.

I am the ORIGINAL Lil Dumplins Nursery, established in 2004. 

I make three distinct lines of dolls each with their own  

Lil Dumplins brand name.   

These lines are known as

AngieBabies™, Simply Babies™, and Dumplins JR

lifelike dolls that have been created by a process often

referred to as reborning a doll. 

I have spent several years now perfecting my reborn skills

and learning various artist techniques.

Since that time there have been others to come along

using names similar to mine 

but my babies are the first to be referred to as Lil Dumplins. 

Don't be fooled by duplicate or similar names. 

I work diligently to make every baby a true work of art.

Many hours goes into the process of creating each doll.

Each of my dolls is unique and beautiful

and no two are exactly the same.

I use quality artist paints.

I take great pride in my work and

would never sell a doll

that I would not purchase myself.

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Lil Dumplins Reborn Nursery Answers the question of “What is a reborn baby?”

You may have seen the “My Fake Babies” documentary that aired in the UK or the US Inside Edition report on “fake babies” where they showed a reborn artist who’s dolls sell for $800 and up.  Programs such as these have sensationalized the art of reborning and raised a lot of eyebrows.  Often times reborn doll collectors are portrayed as being somehow mentally imbalanced or abnormal.   Many are asking the question of “Just what is a fake baby or reborn doll?”

Doll collecting dates back probably to the origins of dolls themselves.  There is nothing unnatural or demented about doll collecting.  Reborn dolls are just yet another type of doll that collectors like to acquire.  These dolls are not really meant to be a fake baby but rather a beautiful and realistic art form that celebrates the innocence of a newborn baby. These babies are individually made from soft vinyl reborn doll kits and no two are alike. 

The art of reborn dolls originally began when someone got the idea of taking a doll such as a Berenguer play doll apart and remaking it into a more life like looking baby.  This was done by stripping the factory paint, repainting it with artist paints, inserting more realistic eyes, giving it a jointed cloth body and weighting the limbs and body.  Hand rooted mohair using a felting needle was also added to give the baby soft fine baby hair.

This art form has now evolved so greatly that soft vinyl reborn doll kits are produced by sculptors who create life like kits for artists to use.  These reborn kits do not look like play dolls and are virtually ready to begin painting right out of the box.  Many of them are limited editions.  The cost of the kits alone can range from $50 to $110 depending on which one is used.

I have been creating reborn babies since November of 2004 selling them on Ebay and to local customers.  I have also placed babies in Alzheimer’s and Dementia centers where they have been used as doll therapy for the patients.  The idea of Doll Therapy for patients is that by holding a doll that weighs and looks like a newborn, it takes the person back to a time when they were once nurturers themselves.  This has been a very successful means of helping to calm the patients and promote a sense of well being.  It is no wonder that holding a reborn doll can have the same effect on us all similar to holding a puppy or kitten.

My reborn babies are created using quality reborn paints that are applied in many thin layers to achieve a realistic looking skin tone.  For baby’s hair I use quality soft yearling angora mohair that is rooted into the head with micro rooting needles.  I sew most all my own doll bodies.  The babies are weighted with either all glass micro beads or a combination of glass micro beads and plastic poly pellets in the body, head and limbs.  The body is also stuffed with soft poly fill.     

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